Gesture, Mimicry and Intent in Gambling

It’s every gambler’s dream to learn the best mimicry and gestures in poker. The ultimate poker face is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. Get to know some of the most popular ones with us.

First Things First — the Usual Introductions

Sometimes words can be deceitful. Other times, even a look or a touch can have a single purpose of tricking you. Regardless, if you want to figure out what your opponent wants you to think, you need to start studying mimicry, gesture, and intent in gambling.

We are going to focus on poker this time primarily since it is one of the most popular card games based on bluff strategies. Bluff is a mixture of psychology, will power, confidence, and a bit of luck.

Some people got lucky in the natural selection of life, so they have a sixth sense to help them sniff the bluff from miles away. Others weren’t so blessed and heading to the casino represents a genuine nightmare.

You can overcome this by merely informing yourself about some of the most common gestures and rules that apply in most casino games. Once you learn the theoretical part, you can practice some mimicry and gestures with your friends. Once you perfect it, you can try your luck at a real casino.

Don’t go straight away to the Atlantic City or Las Vegas, as tempting as it may seem. Leave the best for the time you are able to protect yourself from other seasoned players. And trust us — these cities have plenty of professional gamblers.

Gambling Addicts and How to Avoid Being One of Them

We need to discuss some things before you continue reading. The best for your mental health when planning casino gambling is to play responsibly. This is the only reasonable way to understand games of chance.

Gambling for fun and compulsive gambling share a close resemblance for the untrained eye. Once you enter the casino, everyone in there looks pretty much the same. However, pathological gambling can bring some terrible problems. So have this in mind, and never let the activity consume your life. Learn to walk away when you are losing too much money — don’t become a problem gambler, be the best and responsible one instead.

Gambling Addicts

Number One Poker Game Strategy

You must have heard about the most popular card game in the world. So many studies and strategies have been made to understand what makes poker so unique. We consider poker as a game of strategy. Therefore, one key element is essential to seize the pot.

Luck is an important factor, just like in every casino game — but to play poker, you must learn how to bluff first. This means that you have to perfect your movements, your voice, eyes, and your emotions. You need to use these skills to outsmart the opponents.

It’s equally important to learn how to bluff as it is to determine when the player next to you is manipulative. But, sometimes you can’t control everything you do at the poker table.

Maybe your voice is the one thing that gives your intentions away. Many players have the same issue, so they developed numerous gestures and mimicry to be the substitute for their voice while playing. We’ll present some of the most common ones you should know before the big match.

Some Handy Poker Gestures and Mimicry

Handy Poker

Even though there are many variations of poker, Texas Hold’Em being the most popular one, they all share some similar hand gestures.

Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Fold — in order to inform everyone that you are folding, place all of your cards face down on the table.
  • Call — if you wish to follow the other player’s bets, put your chips in the middle of the table and make the identical stack to your opponents.
  • Raise — when you want to raise, you have to place the same bet as the initial one, and then add the sum you wish to increase, also in the middle of the gaming table.
  • Check — you need to tap the table to check if any other player placed a bet or raised in hand. This also means that you wish to continue with the round without adding the sum to the pot.
  • Bet — shall you be the one to open the betting, put your stack of chips in the middle of the poker table and wait to see if the opponents are willing to raise or call your bet.

Are These Gestures Considered as Legal Gambling?

Unless you are using some unusual mimicry and gestures with other players in order to trick the casino, you don’t have the reason to be worried about the legal aspect of them.

In fact, the ones we mentioned above are considered universal, and the casino management understands that players need to use them. When you are doing your very best to hide behind the poker face, your voice can be the revealing factor. This is why gestures were invented in the first place. They are an essential part of card games.

It’s hard to hide the sad voice when you receive a weak hand or the high voice when you have a strong one. This is why the best thing you can do is to keep it low and quiet. These hand gestures are very easy to learn, and you will master them in no time.

After this, just practice that perfect poker face as long as you can. Also, note that the confident attitude is the key to any successful bluff — so straighten up, dress to impress, keep your cool, and aim for the stars.


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