How to Control Tilt?

The Bearer of Fury and the Side Effect of Bad Luck — Tilt

Whenever you play a game of chance, as the name itself says, you are risking. Sometimes, you gamble with smaller amounts of money, but every now and then, a thought probably crosses your mind that if you don’t risk big, you won’t win big. This is probably why you lose your temper when you start losing.

The worst side effect of this bad luck, or losing streak if you like, is the infamous poker tilt. Oooh, yes, tilt represents the lousiest thing that can happen to a poker player. Actually, any gambler for that matter. In this article, we will discuss the emotional state of poker players since this game is all about keeping your feelings in check.

Namely, this is the only card game which concentrates more on bluffing than on actual gameplay.

When Emotions Go Wild

Even though the principal objective remains — to win the pot, take home some real money, and have some fun with the psychological side of it; sometimes, this emotional control grows a life of its own. When you get overwhelmed with anger and frustration, or you’ve held it in for too long, well, you go on full tilt. Needless to point out, this is something you should not let happen.

Furthermore, tilt makes you play poorly, which just increases both your frustration and stress levels.

Given that poker is such a beloved card game, you can play it in land-based casinos, participate in poker tournaments, or even play online. Although you don’t have the pressure of maintaining your poker face while playing online, a losing streak can still make you go on tilt. And as a result, your judgment will get clouded, your mood will be ruined, and this can result in long-term money loss.

If such a thing has occurred to you recently, in the distant past, or even worst, it happens continuously, don’t worry, we have some useful advice which you can apply.

Emotional Control


Don’t get too worried over this aspect of poker because you are not the only one experiencing tilt every now and then. It’s a normal thing for a human being to express their feelings, especially if they’ve been piling up for a while now.

But you need to resolve these issues before you head up to the casino and start playing. We know that modern times bring a large amount of stress and rage. However, the last thing you need is to lose it while sitting at the poker table, right?

Still, you have to learn to deal with them by any means necessary. And you have to do that before you enter the casino game floor. But once you learn how to deal with tilt, you can apply the same method to other aspects of life as well. All in all, the key to avoiding getting tilted is to think of gambling activities as something funny and entertaining instead of taking them too seriously.

Experienced poker players know better than to lose it over a couple of poor starting hands. Be aware of the fact that you are playing a game of luck. Therefore, prepare yourself for both wins and loses.

Find Your “Reset” Button

When you feel you’re halfway towards getting tilted, consider taking a break. This can be anything, from abandoning the table to stretching your legs and cooling your head to washing your face in the restroom. Maybe you should even step outside and take a couple of deep breaths of fresh air.

It’s amazing how a person’s perception changes when they move just a couple of feet from the hot spot. Eat something, drink, refresh… find your reset button, and after you cool off, you are ready to go back in and bluff like a pro.

Actually, don’t even head to the casino if you are feeling even a bit down or mad. The best way to avoid tilt is to play when you’re feeling lucky and happy. Good mood makes everything else seem less terrible.

Also, stay away from alcohol. It is highly tempting, we agree, especially since every casino hands out complimentary drinks for as long as you play. But resist this temptation, or at least keep it on 1–2 glasses max. A clear head will provide you with the best results.

Other than this, just believe in yourself because confidence gives you the best results in poker. How come? Well, because confident players intimidate their opponents into thinking they have a winning hand. All in all, learn to accept both good and bad outcomes and control your emotions. This is the best anti-tilt recipe you’ll ever find.



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